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Brandon youth committee


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If you are interested in getting involved as a youth in the Brandon community, you've come to the right place. We are establishing a Youth Advisory Council, which is composed of three levels and five types of sub-committees:

1.   Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the other levels of the Council and provide direction for them. Furthermore, they are fiscally responsible for the Youth Centre, and are expected to provide written and oral reports and updates to all stakeholders. Some members of this group are expected to also hold positions as chairs of the three standing councils (Youth Centre, Government, and Policy).




2.   Youth Centre

  • Responsible for identifying and planning programs for the Youth Center
  • Set guidelines for the Youth Centre and manage the ongoing membership
  • Participate in fundraising and grant applications for the Youth Centre
  • Plan events
  • Identify opportunities in the community for volunteerism events
  • Fiscal management

3.   Government

  • Meet with civic departments of the city to discuss youth-related issues.
  • Report the findings of these meetings back to the Executive Commmittee level so that solutions could be identified and a plan of action could be executed through the Youth Center and/or Policy Committees.
  • Report back to community youth on the changes and improvements that are being made regarding the issues that concern them.
  • Participate in smaller task forces of the Government committee (e.g. Police, Community Services, Transit, etc.)

4.   Policy

  • This group decides on one major community initiative each year (e.g. vandalism) . This involves conducting the appropriate research, input from community youth, and the resulting youth policy for the community.
  • Seek funding through grants in order to support their work.
  • Use Ad-Hoc Committees to execute events to support initiatives outlined by the Policy group.

5.  Ad-Hoc Committees

The ad-hoc committees are comprised of members from the other levels of the Youth Advisory Council. These ad-hoc committees are formed for the purposes of executing specific plans to support a strategy or initiative as outlined by the other levels of the Youth Advisory Council.

You can apply online for any of these positions, or other volunteer opportunities available.

You Can Apply Online!

If you are interested in applying for any of the youth volunteer positions fill out an online application form. All volunteer opportunities are open to youth aged 14 to 24 years old.

Why Get Involved?

Make a Difference!

Volunteering with the Youth Advisory Council allows you to give youth a voice within the community to promote change both in the community as well as in the lives of other youth.

Learn new Skills! 

You can gain experience while participating in formal meetings, as well as planning and executing initiatives and events. You can also develop your organizational, planning, and problem solving skills, as well as your ability to communicate and work within a team.This is also an opportunity to become knowledgeable about the proper structure and protocols of governance on both a committee and organizational level. 

Have Fun! 

Volunteering as a member of the Youth Council gives you a chance to hang out with other youth, so you can have fun while participating in the the affairs that concern Brandon youth!